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8200 Automatic Operator

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Beauty, value and versatility are now automatic.
When you need a smart solution to improve accessibility the Falcon 8200 Series fits perfectly. Designed for applications like assisted living and ambulatory care, where easy of use is critical, the Falcon automatic operator provides dependable performance at an affordable price point. 
A slim, sleek profile
Unlike most competitors' automatic operators, the 8200 Series has a smaller footprint and lower profile, for clean lines and an attractive look on the door. A standard aluminum finish suites easily with other door hardware.
Ready to go right out of the box
Everything you need is right in the box, making installation quick and foolproof. Because there are fewer screws and parts, installation is quicker and easier than with other automatic operators. The one-piece mounting bracket eliminates the need for end caps, further reducing installation time. 

Makes automation possible for more openings
Only the Falcon 8200 Series has been specially designed to fit in low to moderate traffic applications at an entry-level price point.  This makes it easier and more affordable to configure accessible interior openings throughout a facility.

Standared features for easy operation
Engineered to be quick and simple to install, the Falcon automatic operator includes a host of standard features that you can use to customize every opening.
  • SmartLatch - Senses and overcomes external perssure conditions with a graduated energy assist for secure latching.
  • Push'n'Go - Selectable feature allows door to open automatically as soon as it feels pressure.
  • Open Position Learning - Automatically sets the opening position to eliminate wall and door damage.
  • Obstacle Obstruction Detection - Safety feature stops and reverses door direction when distress or an obstruction is sensed.
  • Pre-Load Strike Assist - Removes load on strike lip with a one second delay allowing the door to release and automatically open.
  • LED Light Illumination - Light illumination on control box signals accurate installation and helps with connection diagnostics.
  • On Board Power Supply (12 VAC) - Powers the accessories without the need to install an external power supply.

Adjustable Features

  • Hold-open time delay
  • Backcheck position
  • Backcheck speed
  • Opening/closing speed

Product Highlights

  • Aluminum powder coated steel cover makes the Falcon Operator aesthetic for any application.
  • One piece mounting bracket eliminates the need for end caps to reduce parts and installation time.
  • Intelligent control box provides the most precise door operation and includes adjustable features for all commercial applications.
  • Non-handed motor gearbox uses mechanical controls and acts as size 3 closer in manual use.
  • Mounting bracket contains fastening notches to reduce parts and allow for faster and easier installation.


  • Header length - 26"
  • Mounting - Surface Mount
  • Handing - Non-handed
  • Cycle Tested - 1 million gear box