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Electric Strikes

Electric strikes can be used in standalone applications or as part of an access control system.  They provide remote release of a locked door and allow a door to be opened without retracting the latch bolt.  Allegion offers a variety of electric strikes for use with rim, mortise or vertical exit devices and mortise or cylindrical locksets.  It is easy to customize a solution for the specific needs of your application with our portfolio of electric strikes that offer a variety of factory orderable and field configurable options.
Including the Von Duprin 6200 Series,  Von Duprin 5100 Series & Schlage ES-6400 Series electric strikes.
Including the Von Duprin 6100 Series & Von Duprin 6300 Series electric strikes.
Electromagnetic Locks

Schlage electromagnetic locks are used to secure the door in conjunction with push bars, request-to-exit devices, or credential readers for fail-safe applications when code compliance permits. You can use them on a single standalone door or as part of an access control system. Electromagnetic locks do not contain moving parts, making them extremely durable and preferred for high security applications. Electromagnetic locks consist of an armature and a coil assembly, which become magnetized when an electric current passes through them. This magnetic field secures the door. Electromagnetic locks are fail-safe by design. To unlock the door simply remove power.
Designed with the customer in mind to be robust, easy to install, and secure.
40 and 70 Series Electromagnetic Locks for retrofit make sense for virtually every application
The M390RFK is designed to retrofit the Locknetics 390+ without any additional prep.
A broad selection of specialty locks offer a solution for virtually any application.
Power Supplies

Allegion offers a variety of power supplies to be used in a various applications to convert high voltage AC power into the low voltage DC outputs required by most access control devices. Allegion power supplies protects devices downstream by providing Class 2*, filtered, and regulated power. Once power is converted to low voltage DC, Allegion power supplies offer a variety of distribution options, including basic fuse protection, simple relay, and advanced logic providing complex sequencing and timing functions.
A variety of option boards allow you to customize a power supply for the specific needs of your application.
Comprehensive line of power supplies designed to address the changing needs of the access control market.
System Accessories

Allegion offers a variety of system accessories that allow you to customize an opening to meet specific security and safety concerns. We offer a full line of products that include: pushbuttons, key switches, request to exit bars, monitoring stations & consoles, exit sensors, electric horns and more. Our products easily integrate together to help reduce the complexity of securing a facility.
Allegion offers a full portfolio of request-to-exit devices to meet the specific needs of your application.
Several consoles and monitoring stations are available to provide door control and monitoring.
Schlage offers single gang and narrow stile options for applications that require a key to activate a switch.
Schlage offers a complete portfolio of pushbuttons used to control the ingress and/or egress of a door.
Schlage offers a variety of additional system components to help you customize and complete your access control system.