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System Accessories

Each opening in your facility presents unique challenges. That’s why Allegion offers a variety of system accessories that allow you to customize an opening to meet specific security and safety concerns. System accessories include a variety of devices that enable specific functionality whether in standalone applications or as part of networked access control systems.  System accessories are commonly used in conjunction with wall mounted readers as part of a traditional hardwired access control system.

We offer a variety of system accessories that include: pushbuttons, key switches, request to exit bars, monitoring stations & consoles, exit sensors, electric horns and more. Our products easily integrate together to help reduce the complexity of securing a facility. To complement our system accessories portfolio we also offer a full line of electric strikes, electromagnetic locks and power supplies.
Von Duprin & LCN offer a full portfolio of products that complement our system accessories offering.
•Von Duprin: Exit devices and outside trim operations, electric strikes, monitor strikes & power transfers
•LCN: Heavy duty door closers, auto operators, magnets & accessories
  Product How to Choose

Request-to-Exit Devices 672 Series TouchBar: A request to exit device that releases electromagnetic or electronic locks when bar is depressed

692 Series SmartBar™: An electronic switching device which serves as a non-latching request to exit bar.  Touching the SmartBar at any point on the bar activates internal circuitry which controls power to the locking device.

Scan II™Passive Infrared Motion Sensor: A motion sensor that provides passive infrared motion sensors specifically design for “request to exit” applications.   

Monitoring Stations 800 Series Monitoring Stations: A remote and local monitoring station that provides monitoring for a single zone with up to 2 LED indicators. 

8200 Series Consoles: A monitoring console that provides door control and monitoring for up to eight zones

Keyswitches 650 Series Keyswitches: A switch that can only be activated by a key. Single gang and narrow stile options available 

Pushbuttons 620/631 Series Pushbutton: A pushbutton designed for heavy duty applications.  Used to control the ingress and/or egress of a door

700 Series Pushbutton: A pushbutton designed for standard duty for commercial applications.  Used to control the ingress and/or egress.

740 Series Emergency Break Glass Release:  Designed for use as an emergency release of non-designated egress doors.

660 Series Mini Station Control: Designed for concealed desk application and is used to release an electric or electronic locking mechanism from a remote location. 

Other Accessories PB405/PB405S Electrified Deadbolts: Electrified deadbolt with a mortise, right angle deadbolt with a .61” and a .67” throw.  Available in fail safe(PB405) or fail secure(PB405S).

1910 Series Electronic Horn: Designed for use as an immediate local audible warning device incorporated into a security system. 

679 Series Door Position Switch: Door position switch used to detect the open or closed status of an opening and send the status to a control panel.

788 / 798 Series Armored Door Cord: Provides a simple and economical solution for transferring power from frame to door.