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Touch Bar Overview

Touch bar exit devices are mounted on the egress side of the door. They can be mounted for rim, mortise, surface vertical, or concealed vertical applications. Touch bar exit devices feature an enclosed mechanism case with a push bar area to allow egress.
98/99 series exit devices are UL Listed and ANSI certified
33A and 35A series exit devices are UL listed for Panic Exit or Fire Exit Hardware
All 22 series exit devices are UL listed for Panic Hardware or Fire Hardware
Cross Bar Overview

The cross bar style of exit device is primarily used in architectural applications. It is available in both wide and narrow stile, and is ideal for environments that demand a traditional looking device with the durability to withstand rugged applications.
88 series exit devices are UL listed from Accident Hazard and Fire Exit Hardware
Exit devices are a critical part of a door opening or access system
Recessed Overview

These exit devices are recessed in the door. They maintain a low profile with sloped end caps that deflect objects away from the door and are close to being totally flush with the door when depressed, eliminating pinch points. Applications include: hospitals, healthcare facilities, universities and other high profile buildings.
INPACT is fully integrated within a door