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Safe Schools
What could be more important than keeping our schools—and our children—safe?

Allegion is dedicated to showing our support by offering information on school safety to parents, educators and administrators. We recognize that school safety is about more than physical security. Learn more about violence statistics, how to improve your school's security, leverage tools and resources to help enhance security, safety and response programs.

The statistics can be frightening and sobering:

  • Over one million high school students in America take a weapon to school at least once every 30 days.*
  • 1.3 million high school students are threatened or injured with a weapon on school property at least once every year.**
  • 32% of students ages 12-18 reported having been bullied at school during the school year.***

Yet significant progress is being made in school systems nationwide to ensure that schools are safe, productive centers of learning. Central to those efforts are comprehensive, effective, creative safe school plans—plans that are well conceived and thoroughly implemented.

The National School Safety Center, sponsor of America's Safe Schools Week, offers 13 primary strategies to help inform, persuade, and integrate school safety and public opinion.

  1. Convince your school board, superintendent and principals that quality education requires safe, disciplined and peaceful schools
  2. Develop a district wide safe schools plan, as well as individual plans for each school in the system
  3. Develop a school safety clearinghouse for current literature and data on school safety issues
  4. Establish a systematic, district wide mandatory incident reporting system
  5. Prepare a school safety public information brochure
  6. Develop safety policies
  7. Develop and regularly update a school safety fact sheet for your district
  8. Create a school safety advisory group
  9. Support America's Safe Schools Week
  10. Develop and maintain a community resource file of people known for their abilities to shape public opinion and accomplish goals
  11. Build a public relations team, starting with school employees
  12. Create a comprehensive identity program for your district
  13. Publish a district magazine or newsletter




*[2007, Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention].
**[2007, Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention].
***Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2009- Key Findings (2007-08 school year

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Allegion Resources

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School systems today are facing safety and security concerns unheard of in the past. Knowing the facts makes us prepared to deal with them.

The good news about improving school safety is that  everyone can participate—from administrators, educators and staff to students, parents, law enforcement officials, community groups, and emergency responders.

Allegion provides resources to help you provide a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff. We’re also available to consult on your overall school safety plan or on specific areas of concern.

The National School Safety Center has named October 19-25, 2014 as America’s Safe Schools Week. Allegion is pleased to play a part in this program by providing information developed to advocate school safety.
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