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Primus XP Cylinders

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What is Primus XP?
Primus XP is a patented side bit milling that precisely aligns five finger pins at a sidebar in the cylinder. This unique side bitting makes unauthorized duplication virtually impossible and is also used to create geographically exclusive keys in a thousand available combinations. In addition to a conventional pin tumbler mechanism, Primus cylinders incorporate a patented finger pins and sidebar design, providing a “dual locking” cylinder that is virtually pick-proof.  Primus XP technology can be used to upgrade an Everest or Classic system to a high-security cylinder.  Resistance to drilling and other physical attack is optional by specifying 20-500 Series UL437 Listed cylinders.

What is UL437?
The primary function of the UL437 standard is to certify that a cylinder is pick and drill resistant and canwithstand extreme physical attacks. Primus UL437 Listed cylinders have a series of hardened steel drill pins added to our already pick-resistant Primus cylinders. Since this adds cost to the cylinder for a feature that many customers don’t require, Schlage leaves the cylinder choice up to you.